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  1. Chinese War On Terror May Breed Extremists

    Sky's Mark Stone gets rare access to Xinjiang Province and reports on the impact of the country's intensifying war on terror.

  2. Rare Visit To Town At Centre Of Massacre Claims

    Sky News visits Yarkand City and the township where locals claim a massacre took place last month, killing up to 2,000 people.

  3. US Military Strike Targets Shabaab Leaders

    A US drone reportedly hits a remote area of Somalia where Islamist leaders, including the group's chief, are meeting.

  4. Halliburton To Pay $1.1bn Over BP Oil Spill

    The energy giant agrees to settle claims over the deadly 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion and subsequent spill.

  1. Islamic State Guilty Of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

    Amnesty International believes the militants are responsible for "hair-raising war crimes" which have killed or injured thousands.

  2. 'Starving' Ebola Patient Flees Treatment Centre

    Chaotic scenes as an infected man wanders into a Monrovia market to look for food are captured on video.

  3. Wedding Brawl Ends With Groom Held By Police

    The groom allegedly hits on a pregnant waitress at the reception and gets into a brawl with her boyfriend before being held.

  4. Napa Valley Quake Due To Lesser-Known Fault

    A new European satellite shows how the ground moved during the magnitude 6.0 earthquake and helps determine what caused it.

  5. Teens In Mass Breakout From Detention Centre

    More than 30 teens stage a night-time prison break, and police are still looking for about 10 who remain at large.

  6. Atlantic City's Newest Casino Shuts Its Doors

    The Revel casino opened just two years ago but has become the latest and biggest casualty of the city's struggling casino market.

  7. First Photos From Jolie And Pitt Wedding

    Angelina Jolie wore a dress decorated with her six children's artwork for her wedding to Brad Pitt, it has been revealed.

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  1. Beauty Queen Refuses To Return Tiara After Row

    Miss Asia Pacific World demands an apology after organisers say she is lying about turning down breast enlargement surgery.

  2. FBI Hunts Nude Celebrity Photos Hackers

    Jennifer Lawrence says she has contacted authorities after personal images of her and other stars appear to have been hacked.

  3. Nato Plans 'Spearhead' Force To Face Russia

    The alliance unveils plans for a "high-readiness force" in eastern Europe amid more evidence of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

  4. Sculptures Go Up In Smoke As Burning Man Ends

    Nearly 66,000 people attend the festival in a remote part of the Nevada desert which ends in a fiery climax.

  5. North Korea Puts Detainees Before The Media

    Kenneth Bae, Jeffrey Fowle and Mathew Miller, who are being held in the secretive state, use an interview to appeal to Washington.

  6. Two-Year-Old Left In Van Dies in 32C Heat

    Police say investigations are ongoing after the death of the two-year-old girl, who was "accidentally" left by a parent.

  7. Captured IS Suicide Bomber Reveals Threat

    The first Islamic State suicide bomber caught in Iraq tells Sky News there are more foreign fighters like him, including Britons.

  8. Iraq Warns Of 'Imminent Danger' Of IS Militants

    As the UN condemns both Islamic State and the government for killing civilians, Iraq says the group is a threat across the world.

  9. Tony Stewart Returns To Nascar After Fatal Crash

    The 43-year-old says he cannot imagine the "pain and mourning" of the family of the driver he hit and killed.

  10. Shootings Ahead Of Annual New York Carnival

    One man is killed and up to four others are injured in attacks just hours before the start of Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade.