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  1. Obama: Russia Cannot Act Behind 'Barrel Of Gun'

    President Obama says sending "lethal defensive weapons" to Ukraine is still an option - but for now diplomacy is the way forward.

  2. Test - Russia Looks With Envy At China's Economy

    Test - Russians in a freezing border city say their money is buying "nothing" as some consider a new life across the river in Chin

  3. Hannah Graham Suspect Charged With Murder

    The British-born University of Virginia student vanished in September after a night out, and her remains were found a month later.

  4. Moonwalk Camera Found Among Apollo 11 Souvenirs

    The camera that captured the moonwalk was found by Neil Armstrong's widow in a bag full of souvenirs from his Apollo 11 mission.

  1. Alabama Loses Attempt To Stop Gay Marriage

    The high court decision makes Alabama the 37th state to grant same-sex unions, but a conflicting ruling sparks judicial confusion.

  2. Guantanamo Translator Linked To CIA Black Site

    A defence lawyer claims her client was "visibly shaken" after recognising the interpreter from a secret overseas prison.

  3. Lost Footballers: Plane Crash Wreckage Located

    There were 24 people on the aircraft, including eight top-flight footballers, when it disappeared over the Andes 54 years ago.

  4. Spider-Man To Swing Into Marvel Movies

    A rights issue meant the web-slinger has been unable to appear in films alongside Iron Man and Thor - but not any more.

  5. Boyfriend Charged Over Dead Student In Dorm

    The accused, who was found covered in blood, told police the victim became unresponsive after he gave her a "back hand".

  6. Video: Chaos As Rockets Slam Into Soup Kitchen

    People dive for cover as a Ukrainian government attack forces people to run for their lives to a makeshift bomb shelter.

  7. Murder Arrest After Briton's Daughter 'Filmed'

    A 40-year-old British man is remanded in custody after he allegedly attacked a German for filming his daughter on an iPad.

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  1. Kanye West Storms Grammys Stage After Beck Win

    The outspoken rapper was angry that the best album award didn't go to Beyonce, calling the decision "disrespectful".

  2. New England Battered By Another Snow Storm

    Boston's transit authority suspends all rail service out of the city as the third storm in as many weeks slams the Northeast.

  3. Hooded Gunmen Fire On Police In Marseille

    A notorious housing estate is in lockdown after a shooting ahead of a visit by France's PM to herald efforts tackling crime.

  4. Wife-Killer Cop Charged In Hitman Plot

    Authorities say former police officer Drew Peterson tried to commission a hit on the prosecutor who put him behind bars.

  5. League Suspended As 25 Killed At Football Match

    Security officials say some died during a stampede, while others were killed in clashes with police ahead of the game in Cairo.

  6. Teen Charged After 'Selfie With Dead Body'

    The alleged selfie depicted "the victim sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound to the face", police in the US say.

  7. Kremlin: Don't Issue Ultimatums To Putin

    The words come as the EU suspends new sanctions - including visa bans and asset freezes - to give peace efforts a chance.

  8. Jenner 'Was Not Texting' During Fatal Crash

    Bruce Jenner breaks his silence to call the crash a "devastating tragedy" as his publicist says he was not texting while driving.

  9. Girl Among Four Dead As Truck Careers Down Hill

    A young female pedestrian and three adults in the same car are killed when a truck crashes on a hill outside a school in Bath.

  10. Hamptons May Ground Helicopters To Curb Noise

    Residents argue the noise from private air traffic is deafening and has made the playground of the mega-rich like a "war zone".