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  1. Islamic State 'Could Be Defeated In Months'
    Peshmerga fighting Islamic State in Syria

    Sky News joins Kurdish Peshmerga units moving against IS in the Nineveh Plain around the city of Mosul.

  2. Pic: Tangie J Hollifield/Facebook
    Gorilla Death Prompts Calls To Prosecute Mum

    Hundreds of thousands call for police action against a mother whose son fell into a zoo enclosure before the animal was shot dead.

  3. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un salutes as he arrives to inspect a military drill at an unknown location, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)
    North Korea 'Tries To Launch Musudan Missile'

    South Korea claims Kim Jong-Un's military has failed to launch the intermediate-range missile for a fourth time.

  4. india munitions ammunition depot fire
    Ammunition Depot Fire Kills 17 In India

    Thousands of people are evacuated from their homes as emergency teams battle the fire, which reportedly followed an explosion.

    Football Star Rescued Hours After Kidnapping

    Striker Alan Pulido, who plays for Greek side Olympiakos, is seen with a bandaged hand after he is rescued by security forces.

  2. Floods in Texas
    Boy Aged 11 Missing, 40 Rescued After Floods

    Hopes of finding Devon Cooley alive in Kansas are fading as rivers go on rising after more than 40cm of rain in the US.

  3. American whistleblower Snowden via video link from Moscow regarding International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers in New York
    Snowden Performed 'Public Service' With Leaks

    Ex-US Attorney General Eric Holder says the debate on surveillance programmes should lessen any sentence Snowden receives.

  4. Water quality in St Joseph in northeastern Louisiana
    Dirty Water Supplies 'Poisoning Public Trust'

    The team which exposed lead contaminated water supplies in Flint, Michigan, fear similar scenarios are unfolding across America.

  5. 300516 White House on lock down
    White House Lockdown Over Suspicious Object

    A person is arrested after throwing an object over the fence into the US President's Washington residence.

  6. Sara-Di-Pietrantonio
    Student Dies After 'Face Set On Fire By Ex'

    Two cars drove by the Italian student as she screamed for help before being set alight with alcohol and a cigarette lighter.

  7. Indian child slaves
    More Than 45 Million Are In Slavery Worldwide

    The Global Slavery Index finds the number of modern slaves is a third higher than in 2014, with North Korea the worst offender.

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  1. Martin Senn
    Former Boss Of Insurance Giant Kills Himself

    The body of multimillionaire Martin Senn, Zurich's ex-CEO, was found at a holiday apartment in the Swiss resort town of Klosters.

  2. Boy, 13, and woman injured in separate shark attacks in California and Florida
    Two Swimmers Injured In Suspected Shark Attacks

    A 13-year-old boy suffers a serious leg injury and a woman is bitten on the torso and shoulder in two separate attacks.

  3. Missing boy search mount komagatake in nanae Japan
    Search For Boy Left In Forest 'As Punishment'

    The parents of a Japanese boy missing in a forest populated by bears confess they left him for a brief time to teach him a lesson.

  4. Australia's Deadliest Animals
    'Human Stupidity' Blamed For Croc Attack

    An Australian MP says it is impossible to "legislate against stupidity" after a woman is taken by a croc while swimming at night.

  5. The Cologne-Bonn airport
    Security Scare Grounds Planes At Cologne Airport

    A "suspicious person" reportedly went around a security checkpoint, forcing officials to evacuate the terminal.

  6. aftermath of floods in Germany
    Four Dead In Flood Chaos In Southern Germany

    One of the victims is a 13-year-old girl who is hit by a train after apparently sheltering under a bridge amid heavy rain.

  7. New York Airports Remain On High Alert After Brussels Terror Bombing
    Computer Failure Leaves Long Lines At JFK

    A server problem leaves check-in staff at the British Airways' operated terminal handwriting boarding passes.

    American Arrested Over Violent Paris Attack

    The 27-year-old is among five people held after a police patrol car was smashed and torched during violent protests across France.

  9. Leslie Cacy, pictured with husband Devon, who was killed after train accident
    Conductor Killed After Falling From Train

    Leslie Cacy was standing at the back of the train in the Royal Gorge, Colorado, when she fell out of a doorway and was run over.

  10. Christian 'Chris' Velten
    Sister's Bid To Find Missing Explorer Brother

    Christian Velten vanished in Africa 13 years ago, but reported sightings in Kenya have given his family hope.