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  1. Corbyn Wins High Court Leadership Fight
    Jeremy Corbyn almost appears to be relishing the Labour leadership race

    Jeremy Corbyn dismisses a High Court bid to stop him running for the Labour leadership as a "waste of time and resources".

  2. Mrs Merkel promised to do all she could to clear up the "barbaric acts"
    Merkel: Refugees Who Attack Us Mock Germany

    The German Chancellor has rejected calls to reverse her policy on immigration following recent terror attacks.

  3. Police are at the job centre in Cologne. Picture: Felix Tamsut
    Breaking News: Police Hunt 'Armed Woman' At Job Centre

    Police have cordoned off the building in the Sulz area of Cologne after witnesses report seeing someone with a weapon.

  4. Hinkley Point nuclear plant CGI picture
    EDF Board Member Quits Over New Nuclear Plant

    A decision on the future of Somerset's Hinkley Point C power station - a joint French/Chinese venture - is due on Thursday.

  1. Samia Shahid, whose death was reported on 20 July
    Probe Into 'Honour Killing' Of British Woman

    The husband of the 28-year-old from Bradford, claims she was killed in Pakistan for marrying against her family's wishes.

  2. Boys read one of the leaflets dropped by the army over rebel-held districts
    Assad Leaflet Airdrop Pitches Syria Amnesty Deal

    The army airdrops leaflets urging an uptake of the offer, as Russia and Syria are accused of renewing their use of cluster bombs.

  3. Lynne Freeman and Jodie Betteridge, who were killed in Redcar.
    Double Killer Jailed For At Least 32 Years

    Bennett stabbed the two women minutes apart, knifing the mother of his children like a "crazed maniac".

  4. A pedestrian passes the head office of the Lloyds Banking Group in London
    Lloyds To Shed 3,000 More Jobs To Cut Costs

    Lloyds Banking Group announces cost cutting measures including axing a further 3,000 jobs and closing 200 more branches.

  5. The Pope stumbles during an open air mass in Poland
    Pope Francis Falls Over During Open Air Mass

    The 79-year-old pontiff is helped back to his feet by aides and continues to lead the ceremony in front of thousands of people.

  6. The US says Kim Jong-Un is inflicting hardship on millions of North Koreans
    US 'Declared War' Blacklisting Kim Jong-Un

    North Korea has claimed the US "crossed the red line" in taking action against its leader over human rights abuses.

  7. David Cameron out running with personal fitness trainer Matt Roberts in 2012
    Cameron's £21k Of Cut-Price Fitness Sessions

    The former Prime Minister made donations to charity for his sessions with celebrity fitness guru Matt Roberts, records show.

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  1. Paula Sherriff holds constituency meetings at the Greenwood Centre in Dewsbury
    Man Slammed For 'Causing Fear' To MP's Staff

    Jaseem Saeed sparked an "ugly episode" in the office of Labour MP Paula Sherriff, three months before the murder of Jo Cox.

  2. President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appear on stage together at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia
    Obama: Hillary More Qualified Than Me - And Bill

    The President urges America to reject fear in a rousing 40-minute speech that ends with a surprise hug from Mrs Clinton.

  3. A man reads the newspaper front pages after the failed coup
    Turkey Shuts 130 Media Outlets In Post-Coup Purge

    The media finds itself in the firing line as the government dramatically accelerates its post-coup crackdown on "dissidents".

  4. Children's playground
    Children's 'Named Person' Scheme Loses In Court

    Campaigners say the plans would invade the privacy of families and see the state sharing sensitive data "behind their backs".

  5. Human workers can put the finishing touches to the building
    Watch Robot Builder Construct House In Two Days

    It is smart enough to leave spaces in the brickwork for wiring and plumbing, and can even cut and shape bricks to size.

  6. Amazon's Dash stick is available to customers in parts of London now
    Amazon Lets Customers Call Out Grocery Orders

    The Dash device can be used like a dictaphone to add items to an online basket, and is now available in parts of London.

  7. Left 5th metatarsal
    Oldest Cancer Found In 1.7 Million-Year-Old Bone

    The discovery challenges scientific assumptions that cancers and tumours are a result of modern lifestyles and environment.

  8. The fireball was seen across Nevada, Utahj and California
    Mystery Fireball Lights Up Night Sky In US

    The blazing spectacle spotted in Nevada, Utah and California, has left space experts divided over what it was.

  9. A new strain of antibiotics has been found in the nose
    Antibiotic Found In Nose Could Fight MRSA

    A bug produces an antibiotic that protects the carrier against a rival bug which can include strains of MRSA.

  10. Victorino Chua
    Killer Nurse Loses Bid To Appeal Convictions

    In a 13-page letter found by police following his arrest, Victorino Chua warned there was "a devil" inside him.