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  1. Breaking News: Children's A&E Services Suspended At Hospital
    County Hospital in Stafford. File picture

    The interim measure is put in place because of a lack of "professionally trained and experienced staff".

  2. Rescuers walk through rubble following the earthquake in Amatrice,
    Hunt For Survivors As Quake Toll Rises To 247

    The number of people killed by the devastating quake in central Italy continues to climb as rescuers race to find more survivors.

  3. The rescuer clutches the girl to his chest after she was pulled from the rubble
    Girl Pulled From Quake Rubble After 17 Hours

    Footage shows the girl's dust-covered legs poking out of the debris and rescuers frantically freeing her to cheers from a crowd.

  4. A helicopter hovers over rescuers after the men are pulled from the sea
    Breaking News: Camber Sands Victims 'On Day Out From London'

    The latest tragedy brings the death toll around Britain's coastline to 12 over the past week.

  1. Pupils taking GCSE exams
    GCSE Results Show Sharp Fall In Grades

    "Significant" changes in grades have created a "very complex national picture", says the Joint Council for Qualifications.

  2. Mia Ayliffe-Chung
    Man Charged With UK Backpacker's Murder

    Another Briton who tried to help Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, when she was attacked remains in a critical condition.

  3. A UK Border Force officer checking passports. File picture
    Net Migration Remains Close To Record Levels

    The figure is the third highest on record, and will shine a spotlight on the Tories' aim of reducing net migration below 100,000.

  4. A year in the life of Patrick Hardison
    Man Feels 'Normal' A Year After Face Transplant

    Firefighter Patrick Hardison describes how his life has been "renewed" a year after his historic 26-hour operation.

  5. North Korea's state-run television KRT broadcasts video and photographs of leader Kim Jong-Un purportedly watching submarine-launched ballistic missile firing.
    Kim Jong-Un Hails Missile Launch A Success

    Footage by state-run television broadcaster KRT shows a missile called Pukguksong, which means Polaris in Korean

  6. The 6ft bronze sculpture of Lemmy at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip
    Fans Fund Lemmy Statue At His Favourite Bar

    As the Ace of Spades blares over the bar's sound system, fans chant Lemmy's name and pose for photographs with the new statue.

  7. McDonald's toy recalled
    McDonald's Recalls Happy Meal Fitness Bands

    Consumers in America and Canada are being warned to take the wristbands from children and return them to any McDonald’s outlet

More HOME Stories

  1. Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, right, invites United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage to speak during a campaign rally
    Nigel Farage Appears On Stage With Trump

    The UKIP leader stops short of endorsing Donald Trump, but says he "wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me".

  2. Colombians celebrate the signing of the peace deal with FARC rebels
    Colombia Agrees Historic Peace Deal With Rebels

    The accord ends a five-decade-long war which saw the group use kidnapping ransoms and cocaine money to fund its campaign.

  3. Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn
    Do You Have A Question For Corbyn Or Smith?

    The two Labour leadership contenders will face questions from a studio audience in a special programme on 14 September.

  4. Peppa Pig
    ITV Abandons £1bn Offer For Peppa Pig Owner

    The decision comes two weeks after Entertainment One spurned an offer from the broadcaster which it said undervalued the business.

  5. A worker at the firm contracted to destroy Syria's chemical weapons
    Syria And IS Used Chemical Weapons - UN

    France and the US demand action after a UN Security Council-tasked team finds evidence of attacks in the Idlib and Aleppo areas.

  6. Bombing over Aleppo
    Turkey-Backed Rebels Seize IS-Held Border Town

    Turkey's President says militants have left Jarablus after dozens of Turkish tanks were seen crossing the Syrian border earlier.

  7. A wounded man is treated in an ambulance outside the campus
    Seven Killed At Kabul's American University

    Afghan security forces take 10 hours to kill gunmen who forced trapped students to tweet from inside the campus begging for help.

  8. Investigations are still ongoing into Prince's death
    Prince's Paisley Park Home Will Open To Public

    Tours of the singer's home will be managed by the firm which looks after Elvis Presley's Graceland.

  9. French police tell woman to remove burkini
    French Mother 'Horrified' By Headscarf Ban

    Muslim leaders demand talks with the government after photographs emerge of police appearing to enforce a "burkini" ban in Nice.

  10. Artist's impression of Proxima b
    New Planet Found 'Which Humans Could Colonise'

    Proxima b lies in a "habitable zone" near Proxima Centauri and could be a possible destination for humans after the Sun dies.